Have you taken the right steps to protect your company’s critical data? Crucial business information like your company records, databases and financial information is key for day-to-day functionality.

Where does data loss come from? Think natural disasters, power outages and human error.

Don’t wait for data loss to happen. Proactively plan for the worst with a redundant system of hardware and software systems that archive your critical business information daily.


What can LightWire do for your business?

  • Servers that provide redundancy customized to fit the level of data security your business needs
  • Robust and reliable cloud backup at an affordable price
  • Backup programs for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
  • A variety of UPS hardware that protects against all types of power outages


Purchase a data protection plan that fits your business for the long-term. As a local, full-service computer repair company, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes. We have the years of experience needed to ensure your business will be protected long-term.