A network that is correctly installed provides your company with security, reliability and scalability without any complications.

At LightWire, we can facilitate the process from start to finish. From the installation of networking equipment and structured cabling to a network designed specifically for your business, our engineers can also proactively manage your network to keep it performing at its best.



  • Our structured cabling solutions allow you to future-proof your business with Cat 6 cabling. Or give your business the gift of greater bandwidth with fiber optic cabling!
  • LightWire can also provide networking equipment such as firewalls, routers, and switches.
  • Go wireless with your LAN and invest in wireless access points – give your employees the mobility they need.



  • We design networks with redundancy in mind. Keep your important business documents backed up in case of natural disaster or human error!
  • Our network designs also incorporate various levels of security that are created to fit what your business needs.
  • We design networks that allow for your businesses future growth and extended performance.



  • Consistent monitoring for maintenance, repairs and upgrades when necessary.
  • Management of network and network components to ensure your network runs reliably.


We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are both affordable and robust. As an IT company that’s been working with companies in the Triangle for years, we understand the needs and worries of our customers and are constantly looking to meet them.