What is cloud technology? How does it work?

Most people call this, “the cloud.” In its simplest definition, the cloud allows computer users to receive computing resources over the Internet. What are computing resources? Although there are many, some common examples include data storage or applications like QuickBooks or Microsoft Office 365.

The cloud goes beyond storage and applications. Companies can even replace their physical IT infrastructure with cloud computing. The key to cloud technology is having access to an Internet connection initially or during use.

How, you ask? The user is called the front end. That’s you, your computer and the software you use to access the cloud-based service. On the back end are the computers, data storage devices, and servers that make up the cloud. You don’t control or pay for these – the company who runs the cloud-based service you’re utilizing does.


How does the cloud save you money?

Using cloud technology can help businesses of all sizes save big. Whether you’re a full-service firm providing services for a wide geographic region or you’re a smaller business serving just a small part of Raleigh, cloud-based solutions are viable technology investments that can eliminate high operating costs in the short and long term.

When you switch your company to cloud-based services and software, you save money on start-up costs and management. The vendor takes care of this maintenance and performs periodic updates. Not to mention the savings you receive from the elimination of associated hardware costs.

PCWorld recently reported that businesses using the cloud have saved both time and money. 70% of businesses using the cloud reported that they were able to reinvest money back into their business using savings gained from cloud-based solutions. PCWorld also estimates that utilization of the cloud by SMBS will grow by 20% in the next five years.


What kinds of cloud-based solutions can LightWire provide for your business?

We’ve been supporting SMBs in RTP and its surrounding areas for years now and have seen the transition from the traditional IT environment to cloud-based solutions firsthand.

Curious about how the cloud can help save your business time and money? At LightWire, our email solutions and data protection services are perfect for SMBs and provide the security and scalability you need. Our preferred cloud-based email solution is Microsoft Office 365, which has the advantage of a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Have you decided to go full-on cloud? Businesses looking to house their IT infrastructure offsite should inquire about our colocation services. Give your critical data the security, redundancy and reliable connectivity it deserves.