Enable your company’s performance with long-term email solutions that encourage both growth and performance. As Microsoft Certified Professionals, our engineers have years of experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting with MS Exchange, MS Small Business Server and Office 365.

As a full service computer repair company with years of experience, we know that spam prevention and the ability to sync with other devices are important. Whether you’re constantly on the move or sitting in an office, the functionality of your email across devices is critical.

Invest your biggest communication function with an IT company that can customize your email solution while providing you with the security, privacy and features your company needs.

Don’t choose a service that doesn’t fit your business. Choose what’s right for you!


Microsoft Office 365 (1-50,000+ employees)

  • Get access to your calendar, documents, email and more from any of your devices
  • An excellent choice for small businesses, Office 365 provides documenting sharing between users and video conferencing
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime!
    Command respect for your business with the creation of domain-based email addresses


Microsoft Exchange (For small to midsize businesses)

  • Protection from spam and malware with specially designed filters to safeguard your business correspondence
  • Manage your email across devices – computer, browsers and phones!
  • Exchange provides the ability to remove confidential information from lost devices


Don’t see what you’re looking for? As a full-service computer repair firm, our engineers have experience working with email solutions for years. Give us a call and let’s figure out what your business needs!