The LightWire story began three years before the company was formed. Two engineers struck out on their own, providing IT services to small companies and individuals who needed help with their computers and telephones.

Wes Harper, a self-taught telephony technician, sold small, refurbished telephone systems to users who couldn’t afford new and expensive solutions. He configured and installed these systems, provided client training, and developed a group of loyal customers. Wes also installed wiring for phone and computer systems.

Bob McConnell, a Novell instructor, began establishing a selective client list, performing computer and Network service at night, while furthering his knowledge at Wake Technical College during the day. Bob sold hardware and software to these clients and established a very good reputation through his excellent customer service.

In the summer of 1999, Bob and Wes were by coincidence working for the same client. Two cups of coffee and four months later, the two individual entrepreneurs formed LightWire, Inc. They dedicated themselves to providing complete IT solutions and excellent client service above all else.

Fifteen years later, we’re still dedicated to providing businesses with comprehensive IT solutions. Outfit your entire business with LightWire. Contact us today to get started.