What is remote monitoring and management? How does it work?

Our remote monitoring and management service (RMM) is a uniquely proactive solution that catches issues big and small before they undermine your businesses efficiency.

RMM allows our IT technician to monitor your IT network to maintain its health, security and peak performance. This service has a ticketed help desk feature that gives you and your employee’s access to live help support the moment a problem arises. No waiting, no hassle.

As one of Raleigh’s premier computer repair companies, we are constantly contacted with email issues, virus problems or slow computer complaints. This service is the ultimate fix for companies that don’t have an in-house IT department.


How does remote monitoring and management benefit your business?

Our remote monitoring and management platform is focused on promoting your company’s productivity and uptime.

Although every business is unique, most companies frequently face problems caused by malware and viruses, browser redirects and email issues. By investing in our remote monitoring and management solution, all of these IT issues and more can be taken care of without disrupting your employee’s workday.

Many of our clients have recognized the value of our RMM platform and have seen big improvements with their networks uptime. In fact, we have found that all of our clients have reduced their network-related expenses with this service. Why? We’ve learned that individual desktops actually create a large portion of problems that are usually overlooked.


What advantages does our remote monitoring and management platform have for your company?

  • Regular maintenance and support that’s performed without disrupting your employees or their productivity
  • Customized monthly reporting that provides complete transparency of your networks health and IT assets
  • A managed service that allows you to avoid unexpected expenses, reduce your overall IT costs and reliably budget for IT expenses
  • System maintenance that’s scheduled during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions to your network