What is virtualization? How does it work?

Virtualization converts your businesses IT infrastructure from a reliance on physical hardware to the creation and utilization of virtual versions. Sounds complicated, right?

We’ll keep it simple. Let’s start with defining infrastructure. That is all of the parts and pieces that keep your company up and running technology wise. We’re talking software (applications), hardware (routers, servers, computers, etc.) and even your network. These things are expensive and what costs even more is the maintenance that comes along with them.

Virtualizing your infrastructure means using those IT resources and devices more efficiently. Essentially, you’re consolidating these resources and freeing them from their physical dependence.

Virtualization isn’t just for big businesses anymore. Solutions have become available for even the smallest of businesses. At LightWire, we believe that your IT resources should encourage your businesses success and we’re committed to providing the solutions that help you get there!


What are the advantages of virtualization?

As we mentioned before, virtualization is about using your IT resources more efficiently while at the same time decreasing the necessary amount of hardware. Managing workloads becomes easier and faster. Not to mention the short and long-term savings that comes from the elimination of hardware purchasing, installation, and maintenance.

As Microsoft certified professionals, we recommend Microsoft Hyper-V to many of our clients because of its scalability and flexibility. This solution helps you take full advantage of your server hardware by creating multiple virtual server roles that all run on one physical machine. That allows you to take full advantage of your hardware investments while minimizing the cost.


What kinds of virtualization solutions can LightWire provide for your company?

Virtualization is evolving more and more each year to fit the ever-increasing needs of businesses. In the Triangle, we’ve been implementing a few different virtualization platforms for years now and can help take your business from the physical to the virtual.

Microsoft products and services are our specialties and our understanding of their offerings have allowed us to install virtualization solutions for companies big and small in a variety of industries.

Are you interested in virtualizing your infrastructure? Call today and talk with one of our experienced engineers about how this solution can work for you.